草木染めの色は、その名の通り植物から染める自然の色。時間とともに、ゆるやかに変化していきます。 色が育つ過程や、一着一着の個性も楽しんでいただけるように、基本のお手入れについてお伝えします。

-- お洗濯について

・洗剤の粉末や原液が直接付かないように、 洗濯槽に直接入れるタイプの場合は、水やお湯で溶かしましょう。
・生地が傷んでしまうので乾燥機は使わずに、光が当たらないように 陰干しや部屋干しをしてくださいね。

-- 注意してほしいものは「酸やアルカリ」「光」「油」です

・柑橘類、ジュース、お酢、ハーブティー、重曹などには注意してくださいね。 変色することがあります。
・草木染めの色は特に光に弱く褪色が早いので、 着ない時にはカバーをしたりクローゼットにしまいましょう。

-- うっかりなにか付いてしまったとき


-- ちょっとしたことで防げます


-- 染め直しについて

自然の色なので、ちょっとしたトラブルでシミが付いてしまうことも あるかもしれません。
色を染め重ねることでもう一度生まれ変わる。それが SOMEYA の魅力です。





Natural colors dyed from plants change slowly over time. We will tell you about basic care so that you can enjoy the fading of the colors and the individuality of each piece.

-- Washing Instructions

・You can wash it in your washing machine at home.
・We recommend that you wash it separately from other items and without detergent.
・If you use a detergent, please use a neutral detergent. It is written on the back of the bottle.
・If you are using the type of detergent that goes directly into the wash tub, dissolve it in water or hot water so that the powder or undiluted solution does not come into direct contact with the fabric.
・Please do not use a dryer, as it will damage the fabric, and dry in the shade or in a room without light.

-- Be careful of "acids and alkalis," "light," and "oil."

・Please be careful with citrus fruits, juices, vinegar, herbal tea, baking soda, etc. They may cause discoloration.
・If you leave your clothes perspiring, they may discolor.
・When you are not wearing it, cover it or put it away in a closet.
・The oiled area will become darker. Please be careful.

-- If you accidentally get something on it

・Do not bleach, soak, rub, or scrub the stain.
・If the stain gets on the surface, wash it off with water or hot water as soon as possible. Do not rub the stain.
・Wash your clothes on the same day.

-- Little things can prevent it.

・When eating, use a napkin.
・If you sweat, wash your clothes before the day is over.
・Wear an apron when cooking. If possible, change your clothes!
・If you still have trouble, please contact us!!

If you get along with it well, it will gradually change and grow into your own unique color. Since the color comes from nature, a little trouble may cause a stain to appear. The color will never be exactly the same, and the stain will never disappear completely, but it will be reborn as a new color once again by dyeing and layering colors. Please contact us anytime.

We hope that the natural colors dyed with plants will add a little color to your daily life. We hope it will become a special piece of clothing for you!!